Year 0

We look at the wing mirror on this hectic road that means start a new business. A year when Maria Vinagre was born. Precisely this year Maria Vinagre cracked to create, to communicate.
In human years, we are newborns, in dog´s age we would be at school, and in business age, we passed with honours our first year, critical, they say. Time is something subjective, so to measure it, in the end what it counts are what we did and of course our memories.

Maria Vinagre travelled around the world. Well, literally, wasn´t like that, but was riding our first campaign developed for Red Cross. In February 2020 we took part in a group video with marketers around the world for the opening of a gala broadcasted from LA in 2D, thanks to WINA Festival;  we had a line! in English! Oh well…when the Vinegars decide to debut… There we received our first award and then the second one, from Publifestival, no vanity here but not everyday you receive a pat on the back from your professional colleagues saying: well done!


We dedicated hours, late nights, bank holidays, weekends, holidays to look at life and challenges from our perspective. Endless whatsapps, zooms, skype calls, google meets where a good screenwriter would find material for several seasons.

Maria Vinagre, as anyone or any business, needs to think and do things on her own way, to, with the heart on it, contribute to make a better world.

We dive in depth, we are daring, brave, stubborns, perfectionists, life lovers, colours lovers, addicted to change and to make the impossible possible. Dancing and sitting until we find THE idea, that redefines everything. We mix everything and we add all to every single project.

In 2020 we were teachers for the first time sharing our knowledge. Columnists in an international magazine, guests in a podcast about emotional branding, and selected as one of the “ten spanish agencies to export”. We were interviewed and appeared in national, international and local media where we appeared in the back cover of a newspaper.

This is the year in which a Yoga center, where we have been fully involved, breakthrough and in less than 5 months become a reference in Córdoba. This success is also ours. You solo yoga has a lot of Maria Vinagre and Maria Vinagre has a lot of You.

2020 is the kick-started of the Patios de Córdoba Centenary, a huge moment where Maria Vinagre have been heavily involved.  

We are on duty going back and forth, redefining, rethinking, co-working, transforming and creating bonds day by day. We have also found a way to beat racism saying it in a nice way.

And best of all, we did it the four of us, we did it together, a team that grows united and together, finding a bunch of collaborators that made our work better and possible.

For this and much more we propose a pinch of Maria Vinagre in the creative sauce of life.