Your prejudices are a violation of the fundamental rights

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How far are you willing to go in a job interview?

Our university students (Generation Z or Centennials) are irreverents, impatient, self-educated, digital natives and full of uncertainties. They live 24/7 in between Instagram and Tik Tok. They account for 25% of population and they will modify social habits, hence human history.

Under this prisma and because of the celebration of an immigration workshop in the Faculty of Law, Red Cross wanted to draw attention to our future lawyers.

We launched a job offer exclusively for law students, designed with real data. A real national law firm, a real staff selection, a real headhunter and of course, real candidates.

The difference was about HOW. The message was the same as for the society. Your prejudices are infringement of the fundamental rights.

Client expectations

Help break prejudice about migrants.

Be noticeable and viral.

Over 1 M views in 4 days

Appearances in National, regional local press and TV. Also in viral social media channels like Eh!, RT o Cabronazi.
Young lawyers and society reactions against discrimination.

Red Cross Cordoba video most viewed, by far.












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Project by Maria Vinagre

Client: Cruz Roja y Ayuntamiento de Córdoba

Partner: Tax Legem y Fundación CajaSur

Video: Dblur