Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.

And because our thing is a mix of words and emotions this task was perfect for the Marias. We took MoM magic and tried to make it ours, because just like that we could really make this collaboration work. When the DJ and producer asked for a name for his new remix, was exciting and challenging two concepts that turn us on.

Luis took the tunisian song Smek for the Yuma duo, and gave it his electronic touch, the tune immediately took us out of the confinement and made us travel flowing in circles, like derviches. Inspiring, evocative, freeing the song made us feel the origin, the roots, back to childhood…at the end where you can find your identity.

This drove us to the name Id:en. Phonetic translation from the English word eden and the word game with iden (from identity), because a great DJ, ringmaster and shaman, drive you to feel, to visit his world and invite you to let yourself go. The lyric talks about going back to places where you can find your own paradise. This was how the naming for this single came up. An international project that made us possible to cross the borders without passport or PCR, dancing and jumping.

This was our process in the opposite direction Song- Feeling- Thought- Word- Naming.

The music caught up with us from the very beginning 

¡Hit play and listen to it, you will understand!